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Last updated Dec 4, 2014

We, who founded PSRAST, are seriously concerned about conditions that are hampering impartial comprehensive, interdisciplinary evaluations of the safety of new applications of science and technology. Such conditions we believe are a/o.:

  • The increasing dependence of applied science on industrial financing.
  • The high degree of specialization among scientists along with a low degree of true interdisciplinary information exchange.
  • The general preference for reductionistic methodology disabling the scientists to perceive complex systemic/holistic aspects.

We find that there is an urgent need for evaluation of applications of science and technology from a comprehensive long term global perspective including systemic/holistic considerations. It must be truly impartial and independent of industrial and political interests. Our ambition has been to contribute to such evalutaion.

In cases where we find that applications are potentially hazardous or have already been approved in spite of incomplete knowledge, we will contribute with impartial and thoroughly interdisciplinary safety evaluations.

Such a case is the application of genetic engineering. In spite of considerable deficiencies in the knowledge of the health and environmental consequences of genetically altered food organisms, scientific advisors of national and international regulatory organs have approved their release into the environment and their use as food. This is unacceptable because potentially serious hazards have beeen warned for and there exists no evidence that present GE foods represent such a value to mankind that it is justifiable to take any environmental or health risks.

In addition to environmental and health aspects, responsible application of Science and Technology should include consideration of potential global socio-economical consequences. In the case of food biotechnology, we are concerned because its application has had a considerable negative impact on the socio-economical situation where it been applied in the South to the extent that the UN organ UNCTA recently warned about it (see Trade Environment Review 2013). For example, due to the introduction of biotechnological agriculture in Argentina, 24.000 small farmers were thrown into unemployment and consequent severe poverty.

Considering that the global situation today is now approaching a critical condition largely due to the consequences of modern technology, we donít find it responsible to introduce new technological applications before it has been ascertained beyond reasonable doubt that they will not contribute to deterioration ecologically as well ass socio-economically. This is especially important now that science and technology have reached such levels that their applications may have powerful and far-reaching environmental, health and socio-economical effects.

Our criteria for responsible application of Science and Technology are as follows:

It must be well established that a new application will:

  • Not lead to a further derangement of the already problematic global ecological situation. In stead it must be compatible with long-term sustainable development.
  • Not lead to a further derangement of the global health situation by adding new factors that may affect public health.
  • Not lead to a further derangement of the global socio-economic situation.
  • Contribute significantly to the needs of mankind.

We are focusing on two major areas that seem especially doubtful from this respect:

  1. Gene technology
  2. Mobile Phone (Cellphone) technology

1. Gene technology

In the case of gene technology for food production, we cannot find that it fulfils any of the above mentioned requirements. Even worse, differently from many of the other ecological derangements already inflicted upon the Earth, GMOs may have irreparable consequences as released genes cannot be recalled. Furthermore there is experimental evidence that GE foods may be detrimental to health. Even death of animals from eating this food has been reported.

Consequently, we conclude that a global moratorium is necessary on the release into the environment of genetically engineered organisms and on the use of Genetically Engineered (GE) foods. As there is now a rapid expansion of the exploitation of GE foods, we are presently focusing on this matter.

2. Mobile phone technology

Also for this technology we find that it does not fulfill any of our criteria. Therefore great care and restrictivity is required in its application, especially regarding the health aspects. Nor does it contribute significantly to the needs of mankind. The world economy actually evolved better before the mobile phone technology was introduced. This may of course be a coincidence, but perhaps not as the mobile phone radiation affects the brain negatively to a significant extent in such a way that it may impair clarity of thinking and good judgement (negative effects on cognition have been reported). It may increase the risk for chronic stress that further impair mental clarity and judgement, because it disrupts regenerative sleep according to some research studies, see also "Mobile phones - a cause of stress burnout?" Chronic stress has detrimental effects on leadership, see "Stress, Mind and leadership."

The facts indicating serious harmful effects of Mobile Phones are now so strong (2015) that there are all the reasons to put the further expansion of this technology to a halt and to look for alternative solutions for telecommunication that don't expose mankind and the environment to such damaging influences.

Our logo

The two hand caressingly protecting the form of a DNA molecule, the very basis of all life on earth, symbolizes our endeavour to protect life on earth in all its forms from being disrupted and spoilt through shortsighted and irresponsible application of technology.

Gene technology attacks and threatens, on a global scale, this vital element of life, and even worse, it does so in the absence of sufficient knowledge of how DNA works, see "Incomplete knowledge about DNA". Mobile technology attacks the DNA in the body especially in the brain and has other detrimental effects on the psyhcology and physiology, see Mobile Phone Safety.


We invite everyone all over the world (not only physicians and scientists), who shares our concerns, to become a member of our network (no membership fee). With a large number of members we will be able to contribute to responsible application of science and technology. For registering as a member, click here.

Among our founding members are scientists from many disparate fields, including biology, theoretical biology, genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry, chemistry, botany, ecology, microbial ecology, virology, occupational safety, nutrition, geography, ,psychology, sociology, management, computer science, high energy particle physics, mathematics, philosophy, etc. Physician members are likewise from a disparate range of medical specialities. Altogheter we have over 600 members from over 50 countries on all continents. Most of them are university scientists.

Our board

Since one of our board members, a university professor, was fired because of critisism of Genetic Engineering, we have decided not to disclose the names of our board and other scientific members. A number of scientists who are critical against GMOs have been harrassed or lost their jobs in recent years so there is evidently a systematic campaign to silence them, see for example "Suppression of the truth about GMO hazards". Moreover, recently WikiLeaks has uncovered a document where the US ambassador of France suggest "retaliatory actions" against those who are critical against GMOs, see "Wikileaks cable reveals U.S. conspired to retaliate..". Evidently the US is applying an aggressive approach to suppress the truth so we find it justified and necessary to go "underground" to protect our experts.

As our statements build on objective facts and not subjective opinions, we don't find it important to reveal the names of our board members. For more about the problem of suppression of critical scientists, see our editorial "Dysfunctional science".

Scientific credibility

Many scientists, also in leading universities have abandoned the ideal of integrity and objetivity for the sake of getting financial support from multinational corporations. Some have done so deliberately in order to obtain funding for the most prestigious and expensive research equipment. Others have done so due to heavy pressure from the university administration, because universities, especially in the US , but inceasingly in many other countries are dependend for their funding on the support from corporations. It has occurred several times that scientists who have insisted on holding on to the ideals of science have been sacked by the university leaders.

For whatever reason they have given up their scientific integrity to become advocacy pseudoscientists, they have seriously tainted the reputation of science as a whole. Because of this, no more can a statement by a professor from a prestigious university be taken as an objective and credible opinion.

This is another reason why we don't find it meaningful or useful to reveal the names of our board members and supporting scientists. A famous name or a position at a leading university can no more be taken as a warranty for scientific credibility and objectivity.

In stead we are basing our credibility on our policy to only present opinions and evaluations based on well established facts, published research and qualified theoretical knowledge about the issue.

The best confirmation of our credibility is the fact that our position about genetic engineering, as presented already 10 years ago when our website was started, has become well confirmed by scientific observations.

At the bottom of this page you will find links to our websites concerning GE Food Safety as well as Mobile Phone Safety.

Contact information

Because of the great popularity of our site we have been forced to limit our contact interface firsthand to scientists, journalists and governments, see Others are welcome to email us also but we cannot guarantee that we will have time to reply.

Physicians and Scientists for Responsible
Application of Science and Technology
- A Global Network -

"Genetically Engineered Food - Safety Problems"
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