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Physicians and Scientists for Responsible Application of
Science and Technology (PSRAST)

Step four of Introduction

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Open Letter to world governments demanding
withdrawal of GE foods from the market

We have formulated a letter demanding the withdrawal of all genetically engineered (GE) foods from the market unless they have undergone rigorous safety assessment. In practice this means that all GE foods on the market should be withdrawn. See Open letter to governments [ML] Translated to French, Italian, Russian and Spanish.


Dysfunctional science - Towards a "pseudoscientfic world order"?

Undue interference of industry in scientific safety evaluation

Excerpt from the article:

The successful launch of genetically engineered foods with the aid of a useless safety assessment principle endorsed by leading scientists in national and international expert committees is a very serious warning signal. It indicates that we may already be well on the way towards a "new pseudo-scientific world order" where the short term interests of powerful industrial corporations override global long term ecological and health safety considerations.

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Sensational news!

Leading Scientist sacked after presidential intervention because of critisizing GE foods. A sensational turn of the Arpad Pusztai affair.

"The aggressive and united attacks against Dr. Pusztai by leading scientists appear in a new light through this revealing story.

It appears that a major part of the community of scientists in the GE field has turned into a deliverer of "desired truths" as dictated by the government and by the powerful multinational industry. Many scientists may be doing so most unwillingly, but the Pusztai case is a warning example of what they can expect if they dare to fulfill their duty as scientists to be objective and impartial."

The most important recent additions and links

  • ISP to FAO: GM Crops Not the Answer The Independent Science Panel (ISP) criticises the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations for its qualified backing of genetically modified (GM) crops in the global fight against hunger.
  • Liver changes from GE food. Liver changes were found in mice fed on Genetically Engineered Soy Beans. This indicates that GE foods may cause serious disturbances in cellular function that may affect health.
  • "GM Food & Feed Not Fit for "Man or Beast". Dr. Mae-Wan Ho and Prof. Joe Cummins at the Independent Science Panel review some of the scientific evidence behind a series of recent scandals involving the safety of GM food and feed. They expose fatal flaws in the regulatory process and highlight how Europe is in danger of approving GM varieties that are genetically unstable and hence illegal as well as unsafe. They demand a full enquiry into the abuse of science that has allowed GM crops not fit for human or animal consumption to enter our food chain.
  • Independent Scientists Call for Enquiry into GM Food Safety.Independent Science Panel (ISP) press release April 2 2004.
    "The ISP will call for a thorough enquiry into GM food safety and the systematic abuse of science that has allowed commercial approval in the face of damning evidence indicating that GM food is far from safe. There is ample evidence to indicate all is not well with GM food and feed. But the findings have been systematically suppressed, ignored, misrepresented or simply not followed up."
  • The case for a GM free World.  [AL] Independent Science Panel (ISP). A panel of scientists , including members of PSRAST, has made a very comprehensive scientific document, evaluating all the safety problems of genetic engineering in an impartial way. An excellent scientific reference document. Published June 2003.
  • Phenomena responsible for disturbances in gene expression  [AL] . Experiences of genetic engineering problems at a leading European Plant science center.
  • GE crops are economic disaster shows new report. The Soil Association, UK, has issued a comprehensive report about the economics of GE agriculture.
    "GM was introduced to the USA when farmers were financially vulnerable. The biotechnology industry's claims that their products would bring benefits were widely accepted, but GM crops have now proved to be a financial liability. Growing GM crops in the UK will undermine the competitiveness of British agriculture."
    Lord Peter Melchett, the Soil Association's Policy Director

  • Corporations are inventing people to rubbish their opponents on the internet. This article is a revealing example of the seriously dishonest and misleading propaganda that made it possible to put GE foods on the market in spite of serious deficiencies in the knowledge of their safety. The article shows that Monsanto, a world leading biotech firm is using a new PR strategy, creating fake critics for attacking scientists who question food biotechnology.
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The major sections of this site

  1. Introductory articles

    Here you find review articles and other information that help you get a general idea of the issue.

  2. Health hazards

    Articles that explain why GE may cause health hazards and some examples of observed hazards.

  3. Environmental hazards

    Articles that explain why GE may be hazardous the environment and may cause agricultural problems.

  4. Global issues

    Given an idea of the global consequences of a replacement of traditional agriculture with biotechnological agriculture. Anticipated Third World problems.

  5. Safety issues

    This section helps you understand how it came that GE foods were approved in spite of highly insufficient knowledge about their safety.

  6. Alternatives to genetic engineering of food

    There are good and effective alternative solutions.

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