"Problems with Genetically Engineered Food"

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Brief overview of what the newspage covered

(Time period covered was end of 1998-March 2000)

A dramatic year of crashing markets for GE foods

Still in the beginning of 1999 the future looked bright for GE foods with expanding markets. A dramatic changed occurred during the year. By the end of the year the market was rapidly shrinking with big biotechnology firms cutting down staff heavily and shares reaching bottom levels. We especially focused on reporting about the increasing problems that came up including new hazards, agricultural complications, farmers protests, consumer resistance, retailers and restaurants going GMO free, governmental decisions against GE etc.

So if you are interested in the history of GE news during this very dramatic period, you can use the archive of the newspage as an information source. For news we have listed the best sources on GE problems below.

To the archive of this Newspage.

Good on-line news sources on GE problems and hazards

"Genetically Engineered Food - Safety Problems"
Published by PSRAST

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