Organic or GMO?

Organic foods are packed with nutrients, taste better and aren’t riddled with synthetic pesticides. Foods that people tend to eat – you know the kinds: boxed, GMO-filled fast food and frozen – leave people with a myriad of health issues.

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Why GE Food Can Be Dangerous

Studies point to a lot of unknowns with genetic modification. There are risks of:

  • Genetic mutation
  • Poison
  • Toxins

maise harvestAnd these are foods you eat. A slew of cows died in Germany because of GE foods. Studies on rats found that when the mother rat is fed a diet of GMO foods, over 50% of her babies die within just 3 weeks. Something isn’t right.

One study shows that a GMO herbicide doubles the risk of some forms of cancer.

It’s a scary world. No one thinks those awesome-tasting strawberries that are on sale for dirt cheap in the store are going to be harmful to you. But the truth is that berries are hard to farm, so a boatload of pesticides are used to keep the berries good.

Our aim is to touch on GMO foods while teaching our readers:

  • About Organic Foods – The natural way to eat. We’ll delve into quick organic snacks to pick up and eat on-the-go as well as why eating organic is good for you. The benefits of organic food and why people should eat more organic will be taught.
  • Superfoods – Foods that are so good for you that they’re called “superfoods.” These foods are filled with nutrients and antioxidants to keep you in optimal health.
  • Sustainable Food Production – Genetic modification and pesticides kill the soil. If proper crop rotation and care is taken, food sustainability is possible. We’re going to discuss what needs to be done to ensure sustainable food production.
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If you’re hoping for a well-rounded, balanced lifestyle, exercise needs to be part of the routine, too. We’re on a mission to help teach our readers how to stay healthy so that they can experience the positive changes we have experienced from healthy eating, exercise and a balanced lifestyle.

Organic foods are nutritionally superior to their counterparts. The type of food matters, but a lot of organic foods contain as much as twice the nutrients compared to their conventional, pesticide-filled counterparts.

Health starts with the food you eat.

If the food is less nutritious, it doesn’t provide the same level of benefits as organic food.

There are powerful arguments that document the risks of pesticides and hormones in food. The risks of growing fruits and vegetables with the use of pesticides has also been shown to have a negative impact. Going organic is a life choice that can add to your life and allow you to remain healthier into old age without heightened risks of cancer and other diseases.

About Us

Jessica and I (Mike) are advocates for healthy, sustainable food.

We’re like every couple you meet:

  • We argue
  • We laugh
  • We eat

And we’re always trying to better ourselves with a healthy dose of exercise, delicious food and a lot of laughs. We’ve recently bought a rowing machine to kick our fitness levels up a notch, and since we eat organic, our results have been amplified. Just a quick tip; we recommend taking a look at the top rated list on HomeGymSumo and seeing which is in your price range, it saved us a lot of hassle.

See, there was a time when we would eat anything.

Pizza (we still cheat), tacos, breads, burgers, fries – anything dripping with goodness. But, the problems started to follow. We gained weight, felt tired all the time, broke out (puberty 2.0), couldn’t concentrate and felt horrible.

A good friend told me to “stop making excuses, it’s your diet.”

This revelation led to my passion of organic food. A secret that the food industry doesn’t want you to know is that genetically engineered or GMO food is harmful.

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